The ever-growing web is linking billions of minds together into a vast system, surprisingly similar to a human brain. Is humanity growing itself a central nervous system? .... Is this technology helping expand human consciousness?

As you explore this web site I hope you discover, enjoy, visualize, think creatively, and interact in ways that contribute to global consciousness.

PT practice


The No.Europe button connects to a series of media galleries showing photos I've taken during my travels in Northern Europe.
Click here for my photos of Aberdeen, and a YouTube tribute to Barra, Scotland.

The Portugal button links to an interactive map. Red dots show places I've visited & are linked to photo galleries

Spain button takes you to an interactive map showing the geography, and containing 'red-dot' links to my picture galleries. A link to photos of Tangier, Morocco have been added near the bottom of this page.

Western USA   links to photo galleries of my travels throughthis region. Check out the photos of Milwaukee's Art Museum and a visit with family on Washington Island.

No. Iberain Trip takes you from Northwest Portugal, through Northern Spain and Southwestern France. Red dots show my key stops and are linked to photo galleries. Find a hidden photo gallery north of Braganca.

So. Iberian Trip takes you on a virtual road trip beginning in east-central Portugal, then through Southern Spain to Granada. Red dots show key stops and are linked to photo galleries..

Here are some of my favorite Recipes.

Integral ED presents work I did in Santa Monica, CA. View sample assignments, resources, student work, and photos of Sequoia National Forest. View maps of an integral education process for 11-14 year olds.

The HRD/OD collection contains materials related to my work in organization development, strategy formulation, diversity, leadership, and coaching. New! Collection of facilitative practices for team leaders.

The Wider Points of View (POV) page offers links to web sites I value in the topics of Community, Education, Freedom, Fun, International news, and Travel. Church of Scotland Challenge... Catechism Review

PT practice offers a collection of materials I have used to improve my Portuguese language skills. Photo da aula a fazer exame final (my Portuguese class taking its final exam.).

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Latest update: 01, September 2014.

-- May those who are not greedy prosper, and may
your spiritual self enjoy its human experience.