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Catechism Review Game

1. Which one of the following is NOT included in The Church of Scotland's Statement of Faith?

a) We believe in one God: three persons living in the unity of love.
b) We praise God the Father: in love he created the universe through his eternal Word and Spirit
c) We confess Jesus Christ, God the Son: he forgave sinners, brought hope to the lost, healed the sick, and set free those who were oppressed.
d) We trust God the Holy Spirit: in love he calls the Church into being.
                                            e) The literal word of the Bible answers all questions of faith

2. In the Apostle's Creed, what is “The Communion of Saints”?

a) it is the ceremony of taking bread & wine in Jesus' name
b) it is the community of individuals officially recognized for doing great deeds on behalf of the Church
c) it means that all believers in Christ and in whom Christ dwells, share their blessings – past, present and future.
d) all persons residing in Heaven, who have been elevated by popular opinion as a pious and holy.

3. In the Apostle's Creed, to what does the term “the Holy Catholic Church” refer?

a) the church of Rome
b) the original church of Jesus' disciples
c) the universal christian church
d) the congregation of all protestant churches

4. Which is the BEST meaning of the phrase “forgive my debts as I forgive my debtors”?

a) free us from spiritual obligations owed by us to the church, and to us by others in the church.
b) release us from financial obligations owed by us and to us
c) “I ask you, Father, deal with me as I deal with others. They have offended me and I have offended you, but I simply cannot forgive their slights. Deal with me, Lord, as I do them.”
d) release us from social obligations owed by, and to us
e) forgive the sins I've commited and the sins that others have commited against me.

5. Which of the following is LEAST true of the Old Covenant?

a) it was the agreement between God and Moses regarding the Jews' observance of the Ten Commandments
b) it was concerned primarily with the physical conduct of members of the Jewish community.
c) It promised earthly rewards and punishments.
d) it offered a direct relationship between God and all faithful persons
e) believers were to follow and obey the letter of the law.

6. Which of the following is LEAST true of the New Covenant?

a) it is an agreement offered by Christ only to those people who are confirmed members of a Christian church
b) it is concerned primarily with the spiritual conduct of people
c) It promises forgiveness and love to all who would follow Jesus' way
d) it offers direct access to God through Jesus
e) believers have the gift of the Holy Spirit and are to obey the spirit of the law

7. The 1647, Westminster Confession of Faith is still regarded as giving asssitance in the correct interpretation of the Scriptures. BUT, in 1986 the Church of Scotland officially stated that it no longer affirms four of the statements contained in this confession of faith. Which of the following CONTINUES to be affirmed by the Church of Scotland?

a) Church members may not marry infidels, papists (Roman Catholics) or idolators.
b) The moral law delivered by God on Mount Sinai in Ten Commandments is the only old testament law that continues to bind Christians. All other ceremonial and judicial laws set forth in the old testament were abrogated or expired with the coming of the New Testament.
c) The Pope in Rome is Antichrist.
d) The Mass of the Roman Church is injurious to Christ's one only sacrifice.
e) Vows of perpetual single life, professed poverty and regular obedience are superstitious and sinful.

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