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From 1998 until 2003 I lived in a small California bungalow on a decent sized lot adjacent to Marina del Rey in Los Angeles. During that time I replaced the roof, added stained glass accents, constructed a covered patio and remodeled the garage to include a guest suite. Click this link to launch a 4:15 minute slideshow of my casa. This slideshow requires the "flash viewer" common to most web browsers.

Go to Howard Connelly

During the years we shared in Los Angeles I enjoyed Howard Connelly´s spontaneous creative expression of whimsical beauty through almost any medium at almost any moment. Presently, he´s earning a living as a freelance artist working primarily in sculpture. When you visit his site I hope you view his online portfolio.
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Renato Colaco is a talented photographer -- this link will allow you to glimpse some of his photos (I find his titles intriguing). He´s also a genetic biologist or a bio-geneticist (well...something like that...) who is working on his Ph.D. at Cambridge, UK.

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Westwood Hills United Church of Christ
is a progressive Christian community located in Los Angeles, California is where I served as co-moderator and webmaster. The national website of United Church of Christ contains a treasure of resources to help people live responsibly in their local, national and global communities. Their Justice and Peace initiatives are congruent with some of the issues I view as most important.

Since 2003 I've lived in a Portuguese village about 50 km northwest of Lisboa. During this time I´ve adopted an abandoned dog, learned a bit of the language, and enjoyed a more or less retired lifestyle. Click this link to launch a 4:00 minute slideshow of a walk in Ericeira. This slideshow requires the "Quicktime" player.
Jo and Tom Gross are marvelous artists who've built careers on their creative musings with the nature of things. Jo continues to develop her website and I'm delighted to invite you to visit it. Click the photo at the left to go directly to Jo's work or click here for a quick visit to some of their work.


I confess that because I like semisweet chocolate, Whiskey gets tastes of it that he sure seems to enjoy. Recently I did some research on the Net and it appears its harmful effect on dogs is not cumulative. Rather it is single dose toxicity, and for my 10 Kilo dog that limit is apparently a hefty 20 oz of milk chocolate or about 7.5 oz of semisweet chocolate. The link in the left column will show you one of the reports that seemed solid. I used the following link to compute toxicity levels for a 10 kilo dog. Toxicity levels.
Enlarge Earthlights

When I view this World at Night photo it triggers a flow of thoughts about contemporary issues related to world population, distribution of wealth, energy consumption, environmental impact, global warming, etc. The kids I taught in Santa Monica mostly had fun finding places they had visited on this nighttime map of the planet.

Here's a brilliant 10 minute video describing the faulty logic behind the materials based economy - the centerpiece of US economic policy since the Eisenhower administration. View the video at the Story of Stuff website.

Portuguese Fantasy sample

Portuguese Fantasy ... A feast of literary fantasy with bewitched houses, roads that lead nowhere, hanged men who descend from the gallows to help the living, imaginary palaces of musical water set in poetic gardens ...
Read The Desecrated Church by clicking the book cover, to the left. (requires Acrobat reader)

The Dedalus book of Portuguese Fantasy contains a collection of delightful short stories. For more information visit

Freedom This free translation service provided by Altavista will translate any block of text you enter, or an entire web page, into other languages.
Listen Live Now!

FreeSpeech Radio News
. If you live in the USA and have never listened to it, you are missing a rare example of what I consider Radio Free America for Americans. Unlike commercial and National Public Radio news, the affiliated stations accept absolutely zero corporate funding.

This link will allow you to browse many video clips related to blatant examples of how unregulated capitalism is detroying America's system of government. This brief War on Greed video was made by Illinois factory workers! New... Watch and listen as the Koch Brothers are exposed as enemies of Democracy and Posterboys of the USA's new oligarchy.
Jamendo is a community of free, legal and unlimited music published under Creative Commons licenses. Listen online or download your favorite artists! This new service is anti-greed -- it is best used to discover emerging music and artists, since most exisitng music has been removed from the public domain by profit driven corporations.
This online game can really capture one´s attention. Great fun!


Wolski's Tavern in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Ahh... those grand memories of nightlife as a university student!

Smooth Jazz Radio

Unfortunately, in Feb. of 2010, the CBS corporation tightened its control over American culture and now denies international access to all of its radio stations that previously shared American culture freely with the World. The new link is to a smooth jazz website that has not yet been subverted by the emerging culture of a corporate owned USA..

Radio Scotland
Listen to live and archived programs, direct from BBC Scotland. I´m a fan of the Tom Morton show - Seriously good roots and rock music, quizzes and chat. The show begins at 2:30 pm (GMT) Mon-Fri.
International News Euronews - Excellent site for gaining a quick overview of the European Union's perspective on the news. Also for checking weather across the EU.
Click to view The Portuguese News is an English newspaper published in Portugal, every Friday. Universal currency converter. An excellent site for comparing up-to-date currency values.
Participate in making international news: is a global web movement with a simple democratic mission -- to close the gap between the world we have, and the world most people everywhere want.
Travel (International)  

The site has been a real help to me as it is one of the few providing a refined search that includes the option of "pet's accepted". I booked 5 of the 7 places I stayed on my last vacation, using this site. I was pleased with the outcome. is part of and it claims to be Europe’s leading online hotel reservations agency by room nights sold.

Go to Diane´s website

My good friend Diane is responsible for this terrific website. It's great for viewing high quality photos and reading journal descriptions of romantic international places. Travels With Diane also sells note and photo cards.

ViaMichelin If you use internet mapping for driving directions, I recommend this site. ViaMichelin is much more global than MapQuest. It offers 3 possible routes: The most direct; the fastest, and a Michelin recommended route.
Click to visit the website A friend from Lisboa recently completed the renovation of a property in Xàtiva, Spain (near Valencia) and now runs a lovely bed and breakfast lodging. To visit this website, click here.